My Rainy Days and Mondays blog has been my least active site, especially since it has been blocked on Facebook for some unknown reason.  It still annoys me, as I have received no response as to why…or how to be reinstated!  I have Twitter, still, and I post my website on FB, so those who choose can find my blog there.  Sigh.

Meanwhile, I continue my quest for coziness, which I like to call Rainy Day Hygge.

Since my last post, I have added the newest Madeline Hatter doll, which I sought for more than two years…and I am loving my Coca Cola replacement dining room set.  Two chairs only, but the apartment is small, so it works.


I am adding more books and soft dolls to my favorite bookshelf, one that I bought a few months ago, and which needs more STUFF.

And I have added the newest soft doll, Madeline, to my entry way table:


I have found some great new books to read, and my current one is another from Nicci French.  I love those authors!  What To Do When Someone Dies.


I have also enjoyed watching old movies from the 60s and 70s:  The Way We Were, with Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford; and Barefoot in the Park, with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda.  I can’t seem to get enough of Robert Redford!  LOL

What do you like to do when the blues threaten to descend?  What books (or movies) call to you?


10 thoughts on “CHASING AWAY THE BLUES…

    1. Thanks, Katherine, it has become almost an obsession, adding coziness to my space, which sometimes means searching to replace old favorite items that I have lost. I feel good about finally finding my Madeline doll again.

      I really love the Nicci French books!


  1. You have so many adorable things that I like. Is that a padded house?
    I have the movie Barefoot in the Park on DVD. I haven’t watched it in ages. I need to.
    When the blues threaten to descend I take to my sewing machine or find a good book or magazine to immerse myself in. 🙂

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