Welcome to another day of Chasing Away the Blues.  As I change a few more things in my space, I feel the cheer that comes to me only when I am doing just that.

The Baker’s Rack above is headed my way from Amazon.  When it arrives on Friday, I will rearrange some things so I can add it to the room.  I have also ordered an assembly service, so once it is installed, I can show more photos, of course.

This little green cupboard will move to my bedroom space.


Next weekend will be busy as I remove the books from the cupboard so I can “walk” it into my bedroom.  Then, of course, I’ll re-shelve the books.  I do enjoy this kind of task.

What next?  Well, I am now studying a shelf above my bedroom desk and wondering what I can display there.  Hmm…


My obsessions do keep me busy!   What are yours?


6 thoughts on “BLUE MONDAYS NO MORE…

  1. I love the green cabinet! I have a little spot in my office that I want a short narrow bookshelf so I’m constantly on the lookout. My obsessions do keep me busy though life keeps getting in the way! Can’t wait to see what you display on the shelf.

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