Welcome to another Coffee Chat.  Today’s feature is brought to you from my Rainy Days and Mondays blog because it is so under-utilized. The week has been a good one, even though I have only read and reviewed one book…so far.  The Homewreckers, by Mary Kay Andrews.  Instead I have been bingeing Sex and the City, all six seasons!  And then I watched the first of the movies that came out afterwards.  It was fun!

Then I watched a Hulu show called Candy, about a housewife who murdered her so-called friend.  With an axe! Next I plan to continue watching Gaslit, on Starz.

  • On Monday, I went out for Mexican food with a friend.  It was delicious, of course.
  • Last Saturday, I had Fish & Chips with my daughter in honor of Mother’s Day.
  • Next week, my #2 son is passing through our little city with his three adult children, and we will also be eating at a favorite restaurant.
  • I am enjoying morning coffee on my patio whenever the day is nice…not windy or rainy.

framed patio and greenery


For fun, I ordered this vintage typewriter music box from Amazon, headed my way tomorrow. I will display it in the office portion of my bedroom.


What are your weekend plans?



Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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