When I moved into my new apartment, I realized right away that I needed clocks.  I only had the tiny clock on the stove and one on the microwave.  And on my iPhone, which I had to grab from my nightstand in order to see it.

So I ordered from Amazon, of course.

This one came first, and I hung it in the dining area:


Then I ordered one for the bedroom, since I like knowing what time it is when I wake up:


Sadly, the clock only lights up for a little while at night (see the clock at the top of the post).  I feel cheated!  In other words, I have to squint to read the time when the lights are out.


Coziness does require certain elements to complete the ambience.  What do you need to feel cozy in your space?



One of my favorite “streaming” shows has returned for a third season.  I just watched the first episode, and I’m all energized by the characters, the topics, and the secrets that are revealed; and then we will watch them stand up against injustice.

The Good Fight is a spin-off from The Good Wife, another favorite, but there is a difference here.  These lawyers are not afraid of taking on real issues, and the ones they spotlight are challenges we also care about.  Or I do.

This season, the show streams on Thursdays, which I like.  Thursday is a day that doesn’t have a lot happening, so I can sip my coffee and sit back to enjoy.  And watch the sunlight filter in through the “wonky” blinds.

Christine Baranski portrays Diane Lockhart, my favorite character.  On The Good Wife, I didn’t always like her, since she was often in conflict with Alicia, who was the absolute favorite on that show.

But in the spin-off, Diane is up against marital challenges, issues at the firm, and now, #MeToo issues.

Her husband, portrayed by Gary Cole, seems like the least likely companion for her.  They are politically divided…but sometimes that isn’t enough to separate them.

Streaming is a delightful way to watch a series.  I watch on my laptop, although I think there is a way to view the show on Amazon Prime.  I’m going to check that out tonight.

Speaking of Prime, I watched a movie last night that I really enjoyed:  Instant Family, starring Rose Byrne and Mark Wahlberg.  It takes us inside the foster care system, which is something I’m familiar with, from the care issues to the adoption challenges.

I was tearing up at the end, and you might not think that could happen, since I spent decades working in the system.  But I had never hardened myself to how things are…or how they could be.


So…it has been a great day and previous night.  I love when shows invigorate and challenge me.  What issues/shows/events stir you and make your day?





Welcome to another Beyond the Books feature!  Check out KissinBlueKaren’s site to connect with others.

Today’s topic: Favorite Games

Whenever I think of board games, I remember the summer when I was ten years old and spent a week with two cousins in their house.  We played Monopoly…endlessly.  And even though I have played it on and off over the years, that moment in time stands out most vividly for me.



monopoly game


When my eldest son and his wife (the Berliners) recently visited, my grandson brought over a Monopoly game and the fun went on.  I wish I had photos of them playing!

Backgammon is another game that has been memorable in my life.  It was the early 80s, and for some reason, a friend and I were hooked on this game.  There were lots of drinks and chatting….and we went on for hours.

Sadly, I haven’t played in ages….but I do have this lovely game set that I bought from Amazon.



Maybe I can talk my family into playing again when the Berliners return in early September!

Until then, it’s back to books and blogging for me!  I have been playing around with my blogs (again!) this week, and created new themes and headers for two sites.  Does this activity count as a game?  LOL

Here’s the new look over at Creative Journey.


PicMonkey Collage-another cj, revised


Snow Sparks is wearing a new face and theme, too.



PicMonkey Collage-sparks in august



What fun and games rock your world?  I hope you’ll share!




Hello, bloggers!  Today I would like to participate in a feature from KissinBlueKaren’s Beyond the Books.

Every week, we visit a topic, and today’s is Where I Blog.  (With photos).

So, I’m in.  I love talking about my places and spaces, and in July, I had a temporary blogging space in my dining area, due to house guests in my office.



temporary office 2

And on that Baker’s Rack, which you see in the right corner (above), here’s where I kept my coffee cup (below):


Morning coffee - august 1


Now, in August, and going forward, I am back in my office, blogging away at my “normal” work station:




Here is the other side of that room, which gives you a peek into my whole blogging ambience:






What does your blogging space look like?  Come on by and share!




Welcome to another Beyond the Books feature, hosted by KissinBlueKaren.

Today’s feature is Your Favorite Shows.

I have a variety of favorites that change as the season change.  Right now I am enjoying several shows, beginning with Major Crimes:



major crimes


I also love Rizzoli & Isles:



rizzoli and isles


And The Fosters:



the fosters


Then there are some favorites that are on hiatus at the moment:

The Good Wife



the good wife


How To Get Away with Murder


how to get away with murder


These are my top favorites, and then there are others that I add to my DVR as they appear in the line-up.  I generally love anything that is full of drama.  A little mystery—or a lot of mystery—adds to the fun for me.


I am also an avid fan of Netflix shows, and have a variety on my queue.  Right now I’m watching House of Cards, having just completed Season I of Bloodline...and before that, all the seasons of Breaking Bad. 

Grace and Frankie, Season I, was a favorite, and I have watched three seasons of Orange is the New Black.


What are your favorites?  I hope you will come on by and share….





Today I am excited to connect to Kissin’ Blue Karen’s feature, Beyond the Books.  Today’s topic:  I Collect These.

Yes, right up my alley, as one could say, since I have been a collector for a while.  Yes, recently, I have been purging my collections, moving a few things into the bins or the closets.

I love collecting bears, dolls, books, and Disney characters.  Here are some examples of the Disney figurines, mixed in with other collections, including some of my books.



A close-up of the bottom shelf, and more figurines.  A glimpse of a photo frame that I love, with precious family:




And another:




Across the mantle, some of my favorite fairytale figurines march:




Boyd’s Bears are some of my collectibles, and front and center here, take note of the bear riding the swan, one of my favorites.  And I love little quirky things, like the large “jack” in front.

To the left of the bear/swan, note the little birdhouse.  Made of Popsicle sticks, and discovered in one of my favorite stores for odds and ends and crafts.



In my bedroom, I have some favorite dolls from Boyd’s, along with a bear tucked away.  Books inhabit this space, too.  On the wall are photos, taken by my eldest son, who spent time in Ireland, among other European countries.  I call these my Ireland collection.  They are all over this room.




In my office, I created a book nook from an ordinary closet…here are some books, some favorite dolls, and a few awards, etc.  One of the dolls on the right is my “Aubrey doll.”  When my granddaughter Aubrey was a toddler, her parents had the doll created from her photo…in a mall.  But a precious collection, nevertheless.




I could go on and on…but that’s the tip of the iceberg, anyway.  What are the rest of you spotlighting today?