Jane March designs greeting cards for Cobblestone Cards, but when she is laid up with a broken arm, she returns home to Addison. Staying with her mom, Lillian, and trying to find her “jingle” again, she discovers unexpected friends and the possibility of romance.

Snow Deer and Cocoa Cheer, like all books by this author, brings the reader right into the homey world of the characters. We are revisited by characters and places from other books, when we shop at Whole Latte Life and Snowflakes & Coffee Cakes.

As Jane discovers a new plan for her next series of cards, with the help of a list her mother has offered, we are soon immersed in the New England Village settings she creates. I loved the covered bridge, the snow settling on the Victorian houses, and I especially fell in love with the carriage house next door to Jane’s mother’s farmhouse, with its loft that has views of the countryside. I know I wouldn’t be able to move away from that space. The village is a place I would love to spend Christmas.

Wes Davis is an interesting character. Jilted by his almost-bride, he is struggling. He had given up his apartment and now lives with his father, Pete, in Addison. Wes is a mailman, like his father and grandfather before him. Meanwhile, in his spare time, Pete whittles creations that become the centerpiece for his new website, and Jane assists with the marketing. And when Wes and Jane want to communicate with each other, they leave up the red flag on her mailbox.

Can love be on the horizon? Is it too soon for Wes to begin again? And what will happen next for Jane after her arm heals?

A delightful read that makes this reader want to visit this New England village, eat comfort foods, and buy greeting cards from the series Jane creates. This book definitely earned five stars from me.