Welcome to Friday!  As you enter my apartment, you will be greeted by this hall tree  and a series of handbags. Quirky ones, like the Marilyn Monroe bag and the Elvis Presley bag.

If you come a little farther into my space, you will see my bookshelf, growing every day, with new books added regularly.


Now you can grab a book, a cup of coffee, and curl up to enjoy!

Meanwhile, we are still locked down, but we can now go outside with our masks and into the dining room to enjoy our meals…every other day.  On the other days, we eat in our apartments with meals brought from the kitchen.  I serve mine up on a lovely tray that just came from Amazon.



A New Normal doesn’t have to be grim.  We can formulate our own version of it, with the help of creativity and a quirk in our attitudes.

Happy Fourth of July (tomorrow!).