The actress-author of Postcards from the Edge explores maternity in her latest novel, featuring a very pregnant woman’s lively odyssey to rescue her Alzheimer’s-stricken grandfather from a nursing home.

A fictionalized autobiography, Delusions of Grandma, follows the experiences of Cora Sharpe, a Hollywood screenwriter, as she navigates a relationship with Ray, a lawyer.

When she first meets him, she doesn’t trust him because she has a basic dislike of men of his profession. But their conversations hooked her, as she was drawn to banter, and she was soon deeply involved with him.

As she had predicted from the beginning, however, Cora and Ray parted ways…before she discovered that she was pregnant.

Fisher’s trademark wit kept me smiling until the very last page, following along on a delightful journey to save Cora’s grandfather from a nursing home, while carrying on conversations with her unborn child in the form of letters. The word play kept me fascinated as the story unfolded. 4.5 stars.