The car skidded and crashed, right after Joe Lindsay told his lover Dorrie Keating that they had to end their affair, that they were in danger.

Somehow Dorrie escapes the car unscathed, except for a small cut on her forehead. But Joe has died. His airbag failed to open, and after checking on his condition, she slipped out. She has a marriage and a daughter to protect.

So begins The Other Widow, a story set in Boston, and an intricate tale of deception, lies, secrets, and murder. A story populated with characters who were so engaging that I found myself rooting for them all. Except for one or two, of course.

Joe was co-owner of a company called Home Runs Renovations, and Dorrie was one of his up and coming employees. She had a head for numbers and a mind for putting facts together, so Joe had left her a little clue in a phone message. A link that took her to an individual, and some very big questions.

Karen, Joe’s wife, had just found out about his affair, but had not confronted him. On the day of the accident, she and her best friend Alice had been having a meal. She saw the wrecked car, and feared it might be Joe’s old Audi. Alone, desperate, she reaches out to an old friend, Tomas, whom she suspects might have feelings for her. She is not sure what she feels for him, though, and hesitates before going too far.

Enter Maggie Brennan, an investigator for the insurance company. A former cop who had also served in the military in Iraq, she is dedicated to finding answers. Nothing about the case feels right, and she is dogged and persistent.

Edward Wells, Joe’s partner, had been his friend since college. Karen had always believed he was someone who cared about her, someone she could trust. But somebody in the company has been doing something wrong. The numbers are off, suggesting embezzlement, and Karen cannot believe that the culprit was Joe. Despite his marital deception, he was basically a good person.

So…the three women are all separately seeking answers, and as their lives begin to intersect, and as they start uncovering bits and pieces of the truth, they each sense a presence: that someone is watching. Following. And in a startling moment, just before someone almost pushes Dorrie to her death, the truth begins to reveal itself. Who among the possible characters could have set all these events in motion? I was suspicious of one character all along, but another one was totally a surprise…until the end. And even then, I had some remaining doubts about another character’s involvement. Definitely a book I will remember and ponder, now that I’ve turned the final page. 5 stars.