A POWERFUL, CHILLING, TRUE STORY as featured in People Magazine and The Dr. Oz show 2016 -O, The Oprah Magazine 2003, and Oprah’s choice as one of the most talked about stories in O’s Top 10 Anniversary Special in 2010. Inside the life of a surrogate mother Susan Ring, a single mother of two who learns upon her second journey, with the same intended parents, she is pregnant with triplets. The parents demand a reduction to twins. The surrogacy agency informs Susan of the unbelievable, the parents no longer want the twins she is pregnant with, and the intended father is suffering from mental illness. The parents breach the contract, divorce, and abandon Susan and the twins at the hospital, ultimately insisting their children go to social services. Susan refuses to comply and boldly prepares to fight for parentage in a California court with no biological ties. It is a story of hope, love and letting go. This astonishingly honest memoir raises challenging ethical questions, redefines motherhood, and what it means to be a mother in today’s complex world of infertility. It recognizes how far advanced science has become, and how the law is lagging far behind. Above all, it is a story for our times.

My Thoughts: The Unexpected Mother was a tantalizing tale of a surrogate mother’s journey; I could not stop turning the pages as the tale unfolded. It felt like a story out of a science fiction novel, and even though surrogacy is not that unusual any more, the situations in this story did take some unexpected twists along the way.

The author also led us through some of her childhood traumas, and I began to see why helping infertile couples meant so much to her. Plus, she really enjoyed pregnancy. She had already been a surrogate for the couple’s first child, so she felt safe to continue.

But everything would be different on this second journey for the same intended parents. Like a nightmare, her story took such a dramatic turn that I could not stop following along, breathless at every moment, wanting to know what would happen next.

The book could have used a stronger edit, as there were issues with the grammar and punctuation. Nevertheless, I felt an emotional impact from the author’s journey, and I had to keep reading. An incredible and unforgettable memoir that earned 3.5 stars.