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Today’s topic: Favorite Games

Whenever I think of board games, I remember the summer when I was ten years old and spent a week with two cousins in their house.  We played Monopoly…endlessly.  And even though I have played it on and off over the years, that moment in time stands out most vividly for me.



monopoly game


When my eldest son and his wife (the Berliners) recently visited, my grandson brought over a Monopoly game and the fun went on.  I wish I had photos of them playing!

Backgammon is another game that has been memorable in my life.  It was the early 80s, and for some reason, a friend and I were hooked on this game.  There were lots of drinks and chatting….and we went on for hours.

Sadly, I haven’t played in ages….but I do have this lovely game set that I bought from Amazon.



Maybe I can talk my family into playing again when the Berliners return in early September!

Until then, it’s back to books and blogging for me!  I have been playing around with my blogs (again!) this week, and created new themes and headers for two sites.  Does this activity count as a game?  LOL

Here’s the new look over at Creative Journey.


PicMonkey Collage-another cj, revised


Snow Sparks is wearing a new face and theme, too.



PicMonkey Collage-sparks in august



What fun and games rock your world?  I hope you’ll share!




Welcome!  It is Thursday, and even though I have been absent from this event for a while, I am delighted to return with some Bookish and Not So Bookish Thoughts.  Check out the host, Christine.

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For most of July, I have been hosting my eldest son and his wife, newly arrived from Berlin.  They stayed all month, and now are up north visiting other family members.  They will return in early September and stay most of the month….and when they fly out, this time they will be headed to Prague, where they met several years ago.

Before they arrived in my Central Valley city, they spent July 4th weekend in LA, and here are some of their photos.  My second son lives in an apartment in Hollywood, called The Broadway.  Great for rooftop shots, like this one of Gabi on the roof:


Gabi - from the rooftop- July


Here is my son Craig on the rooftop…the building sign is reversed.  They spent a lot of time in this rooftop pool.



Craig on The Broadway roof

Here is the sign, lit up:



The Broadway - 1



When they arrived here, in our less than celestial city, we visited the mountains, enjoyed a lake, and ate lots of good food at my daughter’s house.   We had one lunch here, below, in an Old Town hotel.


a little Shaver Lake pub


Craig & Gabi -Old Town Hotel

On our last night together, Craig made spinach enchiladas, and we watched back-to-back movies.

While they were here, my office, temporarily, was this one in the dining room:



temporary office 2

At least I was close to the coffee pot!

Now I am back in my normal office, left, minus the bulky bookcase that once jutted out into the room(right)…it is now in the garage.








Here is the abandoned bookcase, full of books to donate:

bookcase with donated books


July was a relatively non-bookish month.  I only read and reviewed TEN books…a very low number for me.  But I had a lot of fun.

Now I am moving back and forth between books on my Kindle:  first I chose Some Luck, by Jane Smiley, but stalled after just 26 pages!

So now I am reading Lost Lake, by Sarah Addison Allen, a book that has been on my Kindle for quite a while.






So that was my month.  What did your month/week look like?




Welcome to our regular feature, Saturday Snapshot, our opportunity to showcase photos we or friends and family have captured.  The event is now hosted by West Metro Mommy.

Here we are on a Saturday in February, and for the past month, I have been celebrating the 18th birthdays of my two granddaughters, Aubrey and Fiona.

Today I want to spend some time showing my daughter’s recent celebrations.  She and her best friend are in Nashville, and they are having a fabulous time!


Here’s Heather before her getaway, as if she could use some time away:



Contemplative Heather


And here is her layover at LAX, just before she heads to Nashville:



LAX - waiting



Here is Heather looking very happy at Pippy’s Bar & Grill in Nashville



Nashville - Heather @Rippy's Bar & Grill


And here are the besties enjoying the Nashville Glow..or is it something else?



Friends celebrating in Nashville



I am enjoying this trip vicariously.  What are you showcasing today?