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Happy New Year!  Did 2016 fly by, or what?  In many ways, I am happy about that fact, as there were some moments so sad and so frustrating that nothing but a New Year on the horizon could give us HOPE, which is my One Word.

Check out my First Book of 2017!  I do love this event.

The week was pretty good…until yesterday, when I got a flat tire!  In the ten years I have had this car, I have never had one.  Thank goodness for Triple A!  After the tire change, I had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen before heading over to get a new tire.  (The rest of them are good…I haven’t had these tires that long!).  But at the tire shop, there was a two-hour wait while they installed the new tire.  I am grateful that I had Pippa, my Kindle, with me!  But after already reading three books this week, I couldn’t find anything that engaged me!  All the newer books I’m holding off on until tomorrow…when I can start reading for the Read the Books You Buy Challenge for 2017.

My Reading Wrap-Up for the Year was an opportunity to spotlight my stats…and showcase my December reading.  Here’s a peek:

167 BOOKS READ IN 2016:

100 of those were purchased books that I read for the Read the Books You Buy Challenge: books I bought between June 2015-December 2016

40 of the books were review books

27 books were a mix of older books that I had purchased…

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Review:  The Things We Wish Were True (e-book), by Marybeth Whalen Mayhewratings-worms-4-croppedReview:  Last Night at the Viper Room (e-book), by Gavin Edwardsratings-worms-4-croppedReview:  The Girl Before (e-book), by J. P. Delaney – (NetGalley – 1/24/17)ratings-worms-4-cropped***

INCOMING BOOKS: (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

One review book came in the mailbox…from Amazon Vine.  And I downloaded a review book from NetGalley.  I am pleased to report that I stuck to my vow not to buy any more books in 2016!  After tomorrow, I can go nuts with that new Amazon gift card!  LOL.

The Orphan’s Tale, by Pam Jenoff (Amazon Vine)





It Happens All the Time (e-book), by Amy Hatvany (NetGalley – 3/28/17)






I am reading my First Book of the Year…check the link above to find its identity…Yes, sneaky here.

There are a few books on my list as well…

The Woman in Cabin 10 (e-book), by Ruth Ware





Missing, Presumed (e-book), by Susie Steiner





Tonight, I’ll do some reading, watch some movies, (I’ve started watching The Crown on Netflix, and I’m hooked!), and see the ball drop at midnight…while sipping Champagne and eating popcorn.  I think.  What are your plans?