Books Chase Away the Blues!  Sometimes, a rainy day can spoil our moods, but with the right books…or with the right people, we can conquer the bad stuff.  Today was a sunny one, however, so no worries.  But lately, we never know when the rain (and hail) will strike.

This blog is one I created in August 2009, right before I drove to Napa to hang out at a resort, reading and wine tasting.  I loved the time spent there…although I didn’t yet have a laptop on which to work, so no blogging happened while I was there.  I didn’t even have an iPhone.  But I signed up for the Wine Train, and enjoyed savoring the goodies.

When I got home, I had lots to blog about though, including some reviews of books I read while I was there.

At first, this blog was on Blogger, but I moved it to WordPress in December 2014.  My philosophy about rainy days, Mondays, and books has remained the same, though.

I am having fun with the blog these days, changing the themes, the headers, etc.  Why do I love change so much?  Or do I just love the “designing” aspect of blogging?

Today I spent hanging out with one of my two granddaughters, the one who lives in town.  We have very little time to spend together these days, as she is working and going to school.

But here’s what we did:  lunch at a nearby restaurant…and time at home afterwards taking photos.


Here we are hanging out at my condo.



It was a great Sunday, and I look forward to more of the same.  Tonight I’ll curl up with my books and movies.  How did your weekend unfold?