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This week has been an interesting mix of hot days and some cooler days with wind.  I am sick of the wind, but I guess I can wait a little while for the triple digit heat.

Looking back on the week, I was busy doing things that were not that memorable…and then I had a manicure, which I enjoyed.

I planned to have a nice relaxing day today—blogging, reading, etc., but I got a call from the management of the condos saying there was a broken pipe in one of the units attached to mine, and in order to determine if the rest of us were affected, plumbers were coming out…and the window of time involved might be the whole weekend!  I wasn’t happy, but I tried to read and not think about it.

Late afternoon:  got a call that the problem was isolated in the front unit, and mine would not need work, nor would they need access to mine.  Yay!  I remember a few years ago when a pipe was broken in my walls and three days later, after a lot of chaos, they had it fixed.  So I was not looking forward to more of that.

Feeling very relieved, I did settle in with my book.  And then thought I should go ahead and write this post, never knowing what unexpected events might come along.

I did finish reading and reviewing three books this week, and my total for the challenge is 41.  Two of the books I read were Vine and NetGalley review books, so they did not count for the challenge.

I finally set up my new patio umbrella this week, and enjoyed a cup of coffee while looking out at the new outdoor space.  It was already too warm to actually go out there.




Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there in blog land. 


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INCOMING BOOKS: (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

My physical mailbox held two review books and one purchased book; my e-mail inbox brought me a NetGalley review book; and I downloaded three books that I bought.

Secrets in Summer, by Nancy Thayer (Amazon Vine)



The Wildling Sisters, by Eve Chase (Amazon Vine)



The Swallow’s Nest, by Emilie Richards (Author Review Request)



Lies She Told (e-book), by Cate Holahan (NetGalley – 9/12)




Fairy Tale Interrupted, by Rosemarie Terenzio




Purchased Downloads:

Sycamore (e-book), by Bryn Chancellor




The People at Number 9 (e-book), by Felicity Everett




How It All Began (e-book), by Penelope Lively (I love this cover!)





Currently Reading (about half finished) – The Night the Lights Went Out (e-book), by Karen White



My List for This Week:

He Said/She Said (e-book), by Erin Kelly – (NetGalley – 6/6)




The Widow of Wall Street (e-book), by Randy Susan Meyers




And then I will let my moods dictate what is next.  What did your week look like?  Special adventures, books, or food?

On Thursday, after my mani, I had a pizza at California Pizza Kitchen with my margarita.  Since I usually have soup or salad, I could not eat the whole thing there.  I brought most of the pizza home with me afterwards.