Tori Spelling is the kind of celebrity whose well-known life story is regularly documented in the tabloids. She has contributed to this notoriety by producing and starring in reality shows that peek behind closed doors, and while some of what is revealed is embellished and semi-scripted, there are some well-known indisputable facts.

Stories Tori tells on herself in her various memoirs give us a little bit more to chew on. Spelling It Like It Is begins with one of those funny events that seem to come often in Tori’s life. Almost throwing up at a public event, and suddenly realizing why. Yes, she was pregnant again, a third time.

Before this story is over, there will be still another (unexpected) pregnancy, less than a year after the third one…and that event became a life-threatening story that would keep Tori hospitalized for months…and then afterwards, there would be more complications.

Many believe that Tori is a “poor little rich girl,” since her daddy was Aaron Spelling. But hang on…she inherited a paltry amount of his billions after his death, and there were tales of her mother’s wealthy, mega-rich life in her palace while Tori struggled.

But…only partially true. Yes, her inheritance was insubstantial by her standards, but Tori has made lots of money over the years. She admits in this book that her poor financial choices have contributed to their current money issues (as of the publication of this tome). Moving house frequently, always in quest of the perfect home, but never quite giving up the tendency to “live large,” Tori shares that even when she is trying to downsize, she manages to spend compulsively.

One kernel of truth emerges, however. Tori is a hard worker, and some of her difficulties seem to motivate her to work even more. As this story ends, the family had moved once again, from a large rental behind gates to a smaller home in a less expensive neighborhood. Losing money on one of her house sales led to renting as a way of finding a home.

What will happen to Tori next? This book was published three years ago, and since then, the celebrity mill continues to spew out stories. Another reality show happened after these pages ended…Will there be another? An intriguing and engaging story that kept me reading, I gave this one 4.5 stars.

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