A little girl lost on a hiking trail, a father and son shot, and a deep sadness that turns the mother into someone not really there. Someone wounded. Thus begins our story.

The man and boy would recover, but the memories of what happened and the guilt the father feels because he was on his phone when the abductors grabbed Abbey…those feelings and thoughts would always haunt him.

Wolf and Merri Gleason are broken. But Merri has not given up, and travels back to The Hollows, in upstate New York, to hire a P.I. named Jones Cooper, a man who has been known to solve cases with the help of a local psychic, Eloise Montgomery.

Finley, Eloise’s granddaughter, is a tough looking young woman with spiky hair and lots of tattoos. Her body was a living canvas of ink and bone. Like her grandmother, though, she has the gift. She hears and sees things that others do not. Sometimes it is hard for her to distinguish between the real and unreal. The sounds she hears, like the “squeak-clink” that is so repetitive, often are trying to tell her something. Could what she hears and sees have something to do with Abbey Gleason’s disappearance, or perhaps the other missing girls, like Eliza Fitzpatrick and so many more? She has agreed to work with Jones Cooper to try to find little Abbey.

Ink and Bone was a surreal story that took the reader into the world of The Whispers and The Others, showing us what Finley is seeing and hearing, and following her down the various pathways into the woods and mines, hoping to find the answers. Could those who have taken the children be the unseen individuals who live off the grid, but who quietly work among the other residents, unnoticed because they are so broken and flawed?

Would there be a happy ending for any of the families? Could Finley and Jones fight their way through all the impossible barriers to bring some children home? Could the lost souls that have already gone ahead find peace at last? A riveting story that felt haunting and eerie, even as I kept rapidly turning pages, was a tale with no happy ending; it, however, was one in which I couldn’t guess what would ultimately happen until the very end. 5 stars.

***An e-ARC was received from the publisher via NetGalley.