The cottage is nestled along winding Sea View Road, set back from the sandy street. Surrounded by swaying dune grass, it’s a shabby little beach bungalow with an open back porch overlooking a sparkling Long Island Sound. A sign propped in the front window says: For Rent.

Well, the cottage was For Rent … until one particular lobsterman booked a summer stay there. As Shane Bradford settles into the New England beach town of Stony Point, he unloads more than boxes and duffels. With his arrival, he unpacks secrets, and entwined histories, among his circle of beach friends. Old loves surface. New ones emerge, too.

Little Beach Bungalow follows Shane’s simmering summer days back on the Connecticut shore, and much is in store.

My Thoughts: Little Beach Bungalow brings together the Stony Point friends and adds another layer to the past.

Shane Bradford’s story takes the reader back fifteen years to a breach between him and his brother Kyle. We never do get the details of what happened between the brothers, but all of the regular friends in Stony Point are lined up on Kyle’s side, which annoyed me a little. But since they are Kyle’s friends, I could understand it. However, I am not a fan of Kyle and his temper tantrums. I was more intrigued to learn what had happened from Shane’s perspective.

In the end, we are left not really knowing what will happen next, which means the ongoing series will pull me in once again. 5 stars.



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