Another useless clock changing exercise!  We have tried to make daylight saving time permanent, without success.  Is it about politics, or some fear of the changes that would occur if we failed to set the clocks backward and forward regularly?

Most of us feel groggy, cranky, and off our game due to the regular changes in time keeping.  We try various things to make it all easier to live with, like changing up the routine of setting the clocks back or forward.  I did that this time, setting some clocks the night before, and others in the morning.  I felt more in control of the process.

Meanwhile, I still felt out of sorts.

I did more reading today, and even took a nap.  I didn’t really sleep, but I did lie on the bed, eyes open, watching the changing photos on my laptop nearby.

framed bedroom changes 3

Now I am charging my Kindle and trying to decide what to do next.  Watch a movie on my laptop?  Scroll through blog posts?  I feel too tired to do much, but not tired enough to sleep.

How do you feel about the whole thing?

Meanwhile, my patio umbrella is down during the rainy season, and I don’t spend much time out there.

framed patio in rain



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