Today I am excited to connect to Kissin’ Blue Karen’s feature, Beyond the Books.  Today’s topic:  I Collect These.

Yes, right up my alley, as one could say, since I have been a collector for a while.  Yes, recently, I have been purging my collections, moving a few things into the bins or the closets.

I love collecting bears, dolls, books, and Disney characters.  Here are some examples of the Disney figurines, mixed in with other collections, including some of my books.



A close-up of the bottom shelf, and more figurines.  A glimpse of a photo frame that I love, with precious family:




And another:




Across the mantle, some of my favorite fairytale figurines march:




Boyd’s Bears are some of my collectibles, and front and center here, take note of the bear riding the swan, one of my favorites.  And I love little quirky things, like the large “jack” in front.

To the left of the bear/swan, note the little birdhouse.  Made of Popsicle sticks, and discovered in one of my favorite stores for odds and ends and crafts.



In my bedroom, I have some favorite dolls from Boyd’s, along with a bear tucked away.  Books inhabit this space, too.  On the wall are photos, taken by my eldest son, who spent time in Ireland, among other European countries.  I call these my Ireland collection.  They are all over this room.




In my office, I created a book nook from an ordinary closet…here are some books, some favorite dolls, and a few awards, etc.  One of the dolls on the right is my “Aubrey doll.”  When my granddaughter Aubrey was a toddler, her parents had the doll created from her photo…in a mall.  But a precious collection, nevertheless.




I could go on and on…but that’s the tip of the iceberg, anyway.  What are the rest of you spotlighting today?



  1. I love your Raggedy Ann! I had a homemade one by a very crafty neighbor. I don’t have any Boyd’s Bears, but some of my snowmen are Folkstone, which is one of their sub-companies. They weren’t big sellers for the company.


    • Thanks, Elizabeth…Jim Shore is one of the subsidiaries, too; I think they are all under the Enesco umbrella. I stopped adding to my collections a while ago, and have put some away, too. Less is more, and all…LOL.

      My mother made the Raggedy Ann for my daughter…and I ended up with it, since my daughter is not a collector and isn’t sentimental.


  2. I love the Disney figurines! They are so precious. I can’t wait for my babies to grow up a bit so I can have breakables out again.
    Thanks for playing along this week!


    • Thanks, Karen, so do I. I found them in a wonderful little shop in the neighborhood mall, which has since gone out of business. You can still find them online under the Enesco umbrella.

      When I was able to have my breakables out, I went a little overboard…LOL. I am enjoying them, even though I am now trying to cut back on which ones I display.

      Thanks for stopping by, and for hosting this event.


    • Yes, my love of the Disney figurines started when I stumbled on a great shop nearby. The collections grew.

      I forgot to mention some of my other collections…Like Coca Cola stuff (little things, like knick-knacks, plus furniture). And mugs. I also collect mugs. Love them. I enjoy bringing them back from vacation spots, too.

      Thanks for stopping by, Grace.


    • Oh, that is terrible, Kimba….when I left home, I couldn’t take everything with me, and I lost many things along the way. Nothing like a Raggedy Ann, though. That one was my daughter’s, and she isn’t much of a collector, so I took it over…LOL. Thanks for stopping by.


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