After several sunny days, I woke up to rain today.  Just a bit, but enough to justify a Rainy Day Reading post.

Before I started writing here, though, I was visiting blogs and seeing books that are coming soon…and recalling that I didn’t do a Waiting on Wednesday post last night.  An oversight.  But I was engrossed in Netflix, watching movies and a show called Lie to Me.

On March 22, a book I’ve been curious about is going to be released.  The Nest, by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney, is a warm, funny and acutely perceptive debut novel about four adult siblings and the fate of the shared inheritance that has shaped their choices and their lives.





Every family has its problems. But even among the most troubled, the Plumb family stands out as spectacularly dysfunctional. Years of simmering tensions finally reach a breaking point on an unseasonably cold afternoon in New York City as Melody, Beatrice, and Jack Plumb gather to confront their charismatic and reckless older brother, Leo, freshly released from rehab. Months earlier, an inebriated Leo got behind the wheel of a car with a nineteen-year-old waitress as his passenger. The ensuing accident has endangered the Plumbs’ joint trust fund, “The Nest,” which they are months away from finally receiving. Meant by their deceased father to be a modest mid-life supplement, the Plumb siblings have watched The Nest’s value soar along with the stock market and have been counting on the money to solve a number of self-inflicted problems.

Melody, a wife and mother in an upscale suburb, has an unwieldy mortgage and looming college tuition for her twin teenage daughters. Jack, an antiques dealer, has secretly borrowed against the beach cottage he shares with his husband, Walker, to keep his store open. And Bea, a once-promising short-story writer, just can’t seem to finish her overdue novel. Can Leo rescue his siblings and, by extension, the people they love? Or will everyone need to reimagine the futures they’ve envisioned? Brought together as never before, Leo, Melody, Jack, and Beatrice must grapple with old resentments, present-day truths, and the significant emotional and financial toll of the accident, as well as finally acknowledge the choices they have made in their own lives.

This one sounds like a hot mess of a family…the kind I can relate to!


I started reading The Shadow Year, by Hannah Richell, and even though it was engaging me, I needed something more…so I am also engrossed in Losing Me, by Sue Margolis….and I am now going back and forth, never bored!


18206673       25479510







I must admit that Losing Me is ahead by a bit.  Something about the MC’s narrative voice that grabbed me.  Probably because she is an older character, faced with some of the issues we all face as we come to the end of our primary careers…and are struggling to decide what to do next.

I, personally, did not have that problem, as I already knew what I wanted to do in my next phase of life.  I had already started writing my first novel, Miles to Go, which I then placed on the back burner to write and publish An Accidental Life.









It wasn’t long until I discovered the world of blogging (in 2008)….and what happened next is an old story.  The first year, I didn’t do much, and then I discovered the blogging community. 

Even though I have six books out there now, all on Amazon, I am even more obsessed with the blogging world.  For a time, I had twenty sites, then eleven for quite a while...now, I have SIX.  Much better.

My website:  Laurel-Rain Snow Creations, takes you into my books, my blogs, and what’s happening next.

Here is my Amazon Author’s Page.


So….as the rain falls, and as I curl up to read, I’ll be thinking of my blogging world, and how to connect next.    Below, check out my March calendar, open to all the possibilities.  It is my Ireland calendar, which I always have in my bedroom, along with photos from Ireland, snapped by my photographer son Craig.


My Ireland calendar


What do you love to do on a rainy day?  Come on by and share….



    • Eleven was way too many, of course…I waited to merge, etc., knowing that changing up links, etc., would be a hideous task. LOL. Thanks for stopping by, Kimberly, and I am very excited about The Nest.


  1. The Nest does sound good, and yes that does sound like a hot mess of a family. In other words, interesting! And probably true enough to life, I think a lot of families struggle with such things, although maybe not to that extent. LOL.

    Sounds similar to Bloodline too, even though the story is totally different- just the part about dealing with the older and somewhat reckless brother.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been noticing THE NEST and thought it sounded like a good one. Family dysfunction always makes me feel better. LOL

    I liked the TV show Lie To Me when it was on too. I ought to watch it again.


  3. The Nest is on my TBR and The Shadow Year looks like it should be! I remember when Lie to Me was on originally but I don’t think I watched it much. I did binge on it a little while ago and ended up really enjoying it! It’s a fun show and I love how they show pictures of real people to illustrate emotions and expressions.


  4. Hmm The Nest reminds me of an old school acquaintance I me recently. I asked after her other siblings. She replied “Oh none of us talk to each other since we squabbled over our parents’ estate.” Wow, couldn’t believe it, but I know it happens.


    • Yes, things can get dicey when it comes to money and/or property. My sister was a bit strange when settling up the estate…she was in charge, for some unknown reason—probably because she lived in the old hometown and I didn’t—and acted very territorial…but in the end, we all got our share.

      Even before the estate settling, she and I didn’t get along. I love her four daughters, though. They are FB friends…LOL.

      I am eager to read The Nest. Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn.


  5. I liked reading all your sharing. I’m glad The Nest was a winner as it’s on my TBR. I entered the giveaway for it. Which blog do you link to on the Monday meme?


    • On Monday, I write my updates on my Serendipity blog…and link to Book Date, Caffeinated Book Reviews, Stacking the Shelves, Sunday Salon, and Mailbox Monday. Thanks for stopping by, Stefanie.


  6. This is an absolutely dysfunctional family and it’s kinda of awesome! I can’t help thinking this would make an amazing series on TV — I don’t know why I keep thinking visualy when I look at books these days!


  7. So jealous of your rainy day. Not only do we need the rain here, but I love a good rainy day for reading, and a rainy night for sleeping. Love the cover of the Nest. Sounds like a good one! Thanks for visiting my WOW earlier!


  8. I’ve been seeing The Nest around, story about about a hot mess of a family definitely sounds interesting! Hope you enjoy it, thanks for sharing!


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