Here we are again, rambling on about our thoughts, our feelings, and our perspectives.  Join our host at Bookishly Boisterous, to see what others are chatting about.

Since we were here last, I participated in Bloggiesta, and had such fun making changes here at my “newest old blog” here at WP.   Yes, there is a story.  I created this blog on Blogger in August 2009, just before I took a week’s vacation in the Napa Valley.  I moved it here in December, but only the last year of posts…the idea of importing everything, and correcting links, etc., was overwhelming.

But the theme of the blog and its essence remain…

Earlier this week, I was musing about books, etc., and responded to a question about how many books I have on my shelves with a wild estimate:  2000.

Then I decided to count them, actually count them, so I did.  Yesterday.  1435 books, including those on Sparky.  Not quite 2000, but getting too close.  And my recent purging may have eliminated around 500 books or so; I might have been closer than I thought!

So I decided to do a giveaway here.  I created a book nook over at An Interior Journey, but moved it here and called it Blue Mondays Book Nook.

And I added a few more books.

There are forty books there at this moment…I will probably add more.  I have linked them to Amazon so visitors can study them.  The Blue Mondays Giveaway goes until the end of the month.


Last week, I enjoyed a spa day, of sorts, getting my nails and hair done.  I felt very good afterwards.  I think I’ll regularly combine nails and hair, since I can do that at the salon where my daughter has a space she rents.  Here she is, showing off purple extensions she put in during her down time.  In other words, when my hair was processing…LOL.



Heather having fun



This week, I have enjoyed a variety of books, like Call Me Zelda (click for review).





And then, a novel from another new-to-me author, Randy Susan Meyers:  The Murderer’s Daughters (click for review).





Currently, I am almost finished with Still Life, my first foray into Louise Penny’s crime fiction…and I’m loving it!





How do you feel about multiple series books?  When you get hooked, is it hard to keep up with them all?  I am pondering this….but then, I think I’ll go with the flow.

What was your week like?



  1. Brandie

    I love that cover of Still Life. May have to look into that one! Love your daughter’s purple hair! A spa day sounds so wonderful. Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. I wish I lived closer to you so my daughter and I could have spa day at your daughter’s salon, lol. She is just so cute, Laurel!
    I have heard so much about Louise Penny’s series, and I keep putting it off, why, I don’t know. Maybe because he is set in Quebec, and I haven’t read a book set there except the first about Temperance Brennan, “Bones” series, and I wasn’t wowed by that one. That shouldn’t influence me here, but you know how our brains work…I can turn down a book just because the cover turned me off, sigh… long way of saying, if you give this a positive review, I will pick it up when I can. I already spent more than my Christmas money at Amazon for ebooks and B & N for paperbacks.


    1. Thanks, Rita, glad you could stop by, and you would love my daughter. Everyone does. She is much more social and extroverted than I am.

      I was reluctant to read this one, too, Rita…I have had the book since January. But I just finished it and reviewed it at An Interior Journey. I loved it, and will be reading more…despite the occasional French words from the Quebec people…LOL.


  3. 1435 books?! That’s amazing! I can’t wait until we buy a house so I can buy more books. I culled my shelves because we’ve moved so many times in the last 7 years and it’s difficult to move so many books.


  4. Lovely photo of your daughter. A spa day sounds marvelous. I don’t have nearly close to 2000 books, but I am always shuffling my GoodReads list. It’s almost like actually having the books! Have a great week and thank you for stopping by my blog.


    1. I keep a box in the garage which I regularly fill with books to go to the library…and then this Giveaway…I hope more people will show up for that, but even if they do, the books won’t be going out fast enough there. Thanks for stopping by, Lark.


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