Why am I so obsessed with changing up the headers here?  I have probably done so about three or four times in the past month.

I guess this blog has a special place in my heart.  It began in August 2009…yes, many years ago, and I launched it on the Blogger platform.  I moved it to WordPress in 2013, and I am happy that I did make that change.  By then I had several blogs on that platform.

When I started the blog, I was humming that song by the Carpenters…as I was headed on a Monday to a week’s vacation in Napa, Wine Country.  It didn’t take much for me to morph into thinking about Mondays and reading and how books can always cheer me up.  When it’s raining…or when it’s Monday.

While I was there, I occasionally used a laptop in the resort office, as I didn’t have my own back then.  I checked on the blog and added some thoughts…and images.  The image below features one of my favorites from that vacation:  my lunch served on the Wine Train.

Once I returned home, I had lots of thoughts about Mondays, rainy days, and the Carpenters.  I continued with those themes for a while, eventually settling on the tagline for this blog:  Books Chase Away the Blues.

I don’t know how long before that urge to change the blog header strikes again…I can count on that happening, of course.  But right now I feel content with this one, with the rainy days showing through the windows, a stack of books on the left, and that candle and a book on the right.  My avatar Bitmoji image of me is in the center.  My blog button is also derived from that image.


Do you have special thoughts about your blog(s)?  How do you spotlight your favorite moments?


2 thoughts on “RAINY DAYS…AND FRIDAYS…

  1. I am obsessed with finding the perfect design and blog name! I am still not satisfied with my current name and finally came up with one that I like much better but now I have to redesign my header:) I love your current header. Have a great week!

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    1. Thanks for visiting, CindyGale, and I am always pleased to connect with others obsessing about design and blog names! I once had a lot of blogs (20, at one point, but now I ONLY have six, lol). When I would get on an obsessive roll, I would create another blog.

      It got too tedious to keep up, though. Now I just move between my blogs, changing them up.

      Good luck finding the look and name you like. I actually love the look of your blog right now. Enjoy!


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