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Good morning, Bloggers!  Grab some coffee (or a pot of tea!), and let’s talk about our weeks.

After posting my weekly updates over at Serendipity for quite a long while, I’ve decided to bring it here, to Rainy Days and Mondays, as a way of welcoming this reinvented blog into the fold.

This past week brought more reading, and quite a lot of blogging.  And numerous cups of tea, as the weather has cooled down considerably for these parts.  We have even had rain, a welcome sight in drought-ridden California.





Monday Potpourri:  Bookish Spaces

Chase Away the Blues with Intros/Teasers – “Unbecoming”

Chasing Away the Blues with “The Dream Lover”

Bookish (and Not So Bookish) Thoughts:  Purging, Dreaming, Collecting

Friday Sparks:  Book Beginnings/Friday 56 – “Winter Street”

Rainy Day Friday:  Blissful!

Creative Saturday:  Sharing Family Moments

A Guilty Pleasures Weekend:  Movie Marathons

Saturday Potpourri:  From Collections to Purging – A Journey

Review:  I’ve Got You Under My Skin (e-book), by Mary Higgins Clark

Review:  Cancel the Wedding, by Carolyn Dingman

Review:  The Secrets of Midwives, by Sally Hepworth

Review:  Walking on Trampolines, by Frances Whiting






INCOMING BOOKS:  (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Two books came in the mailbox this week:  one from Amazon Vine, and one that I purchased.  I also downloaded two e-books for Greedy Sparky.

What I Remember Most, by Cathy Lamb (Purchased)





Grenadine Scotch Wild has only vague memories of the parents she last saw when she was six years old. But she’s never forgotten their final, panicked words to her, urging Grenadine to run. The mystery of their disappearance is just one more frayed strand in a life that has lately begun to unravel completely. One year into her rocky marriage to Covey, a well known investor, he is arrested for fraud and embezzlement. And Grenadine, now a successful collage artist and painter, is facing jail time despite her innocence.


A Fireproof Home for the Bride, by Amy Scheibe (Vine)






Emmeline Nelson and her sister Birdie grow up in the hard, cold rural Lutheran world of strict parents, strict milking times, and strict morals. Marriage is preordained, the groom practically predestined. Though it’s 1958, southern Minnesota did not see changing roles for women on the horizon. Caught in a time bubble between a world war and the ferment of the 1960’s, Emmy doesn’t see that she has any say in her life, any choices at all. Only when Emmy’s fiancé shows his true colors and forces himself on her does she find the courage to act—falling instead for a forbidden Catholic boy, a boy whose family seems warm and encouraging after the sere Nelson farm life. Not only moving to town and breaking free from her engagement but getting a job on the local newspaper begins to open Emmy’s eyes. She discovers that the KKK is not only active in the Midwest but that her family is involved, and her sense of the firm rules she grew up under—and their effect—changes completely.



Hour of Need (e-book, Scarlet Falls), by Melinda Leigh






While fighting in Afghanistan, Major Grant Barrett receives devastating news: his brother and sister-in-law have been murdered in Scarlet Falls, the sleepy suburb of Grant’s youth. Emotionally scarred from war, the career soldier returns home on emergency leave to temporarily care for his orphaned nephew and niece. But when someone tries to kidnap the kids and their teenage babysitter, Grant knows it’s not a random act…and neither were the murders.

Already devastated by her neighbors’ violent deaths, Ellie Ross is shattered by the attempted abduction of her teenage daughter so she desperately turns to Grant for help. As they navigate a deadly search for the truth, they struggle with growing feelings for each other and Grant’s impending return to Afghanistan.

But time is running out. The killer is growing bolder by the hour, and Ellie and Grant must find him before the children become his next victims.


Snow Angel Cove (e-book), by RaeAnne Thayne





Nothing short of a miracle can restore Eliza Hayward’s Christmas cheer. The job she pinned her dreams on has gone up in smoke—literally—and now she’s stuck in an unfamiliar, if breathtaking, small town. Precariously close to being destitute, Eliza needs a hero, but she’s not expecting one who almost runs her down with his car!

Rescuing Eliza is pure instinct for tech genius Aidan Caine. At first, putting the renovation of his lakeside guest lodge in Eliza’s hands assuages his guilt—until he sees how quickly he could fall for her. Having focused solely on his business for years, he never knew what his life was missing before Eliza, but now he’s willing to risk his heart on a yuletide romance that could lead to forever.



WHAT’S UP NEXT? (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)


Currently Reading:  Unbecoming, by Rebecca Scherm






Winter Street, by Elin Hilderbrand






The Paying Guests (e-book), by Sarah Waters








That was my week, and you’ve had a peek at next week’s reading.  What are you reading and blogging about?





    1. Yes, my reading zone is widening since I started blogging…finding so many books that I would never have otherwise considered. It’s fun! Thanks for stopping by, Steph, and enjoy expanding your reading horizons, too.


    1. Isn’t it wonderful! And rainy days, despite what this blog theme suggests, are a good thing. And conducive to reading, just in case they make us blue. LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, Deb, and I definitely can’t wait to read these books.


  1. You definitely had a productive week of reading and blogging! So many of these books look good to me. I’ll be curious to hear what you think of The Paying Guests…I finished the audio version a few weeks ago and still can’t come up with the right words for a review. Have a great week!


    1. Oh, my, that does sound challenging. I had planned to read The Paying Guests sooner, but kept putting it off in favor of review books, which I can’t seem to stop requesting! LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, JoAnn…and enjoy your week.


  2. Oooh. Went and read your movie marathon post. My wife and I are completely with you with the John Hughes movies. This weekend, it will be the first two Toy Story movies, of which the second one is my favorite, because…I’ll confess…it gives me a good cry, especially that one scene.


  3. I love your 80’s movie lineup- The Breakfast Club is a favorite, and Say Anything and Pretty in Pink. They are so compulsively watchable. I loved the James Spader character in one of those, think it was Pretty in Pink- he was so slimy but I liked him anyway. 🙂 I never saw Goodbye Girl…

    Winter Street looks good for this time of year.


    1. Yes, James Spader was awesome-slimy in Pretty in Pink, and in a few other movies, including another with Molly Ringwald…Fresh Horses, which I don’t think is a John Hughes flick…LOL.

      You should watch Goodbye Girl, just to see Richard Dreyfuss and Marsha Mason together…but maybe it’s too “chick flick.” LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, Greg, and have a good week.


  4. Another busy week. I am amazed at all your blogs. It makes keeping up with your reviews a challenge. 😀

    I have Hour of Need too and the cover for What I Remember Most is lovely. The blurb for that one intrigues me.

    Have a good week. 🙂


    1. I love the blurb for the Cathy Lamb book, too, and I am a big fan of Melinda Leigh.

      I guess the only way to catch my reviews on the different blogs is through this Weekly Updates post…LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by, Bea, and enjoy your week.


  5. katarguelles

    It was nice to finally have some rain in California. Hopefully it continues so we can get be ahead for next year.

    Snow Angel Cove sounds really good. I hope you enjoy all your new books!!

    Have a great week!


  6. thebookdate

    Mmm I thought I heard on the news that some places on your west coast got more rain than was bargained for. I have the Cathy Lamb book sitting on my actual shelf and must read it – probably a 2015 one now!


  7. I think I said this last week but I LOVE the title ‘Unbecoming’. I realise that I’m seeing it as a verb than an adjective though, which I know doesn’t make sense but I love it!


  8. Snow Angel Cove looks and sounds brilliant. I could do with another seasonal read, especially so close to Christmas, so might check this one out.

    I absolutely loved The Paying Guests when I read it earlier this year. It’s such a beautifully written book, and I was really drawn in to the story.

    Enjoy your week!


  9. The cover for a Fireproof Home For the Bride sounds so interesting and the cover is simple yeet beautiful. I love minimalist covers! Looks like you had an amazingly active blogging week, can’t say the same for myself 😀 Have a lovely week!


  10. Cait

    Looks like some fab reads! And is that a Christmas book?!! WOOT. I hardly ever read Christmas books at the right time of year…. >_< My bad! But I DID manage to read Let it Snow by John Green at semi the right time of year. lol
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    1. Thanks, Sam, I have missed featuring this blog, which I didn’t do much of when it was at Blogger (don’t strike me, Blogger gods!), but I am so much more comfortable here at WP.

      Looking forward to being able to chat about The Paying Guests.


    1. I am looking forward to it, Mary, and it was one of the “contenders” for First Book of 2015….but, after much internal debate, I went with another title. Tune in to see! LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week.


  11. I’m still pushing through The Paying Guests – I like it but it’s not compelling so I stopped to read another book, and now I’m back to listening. Maybe print would have been better!


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